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Comus L.E.E.D. Stone products

Products for Structural, Architectural, Horticultural, and Landscaping Use

Comus is pleased to announce the addition of a range of stone products for structural, architectural and landscape use. We offer reclaimed dolomitic limestone boulders, crushed shale for structural fill, pipe bedding, paver base, and walkways, and expanded shale product for soil amendment. Our stone products are reclaimed from mining waste piles, a byproduct of the cement production industry, making them an environmentally-friendly, 100% pre-consumer recycled material.

We have a range of structural products, however; our CR-6 material is currently being used in Washington, D.C.; we've, also, accepted large orders for #2's for this project .

For all of of the equestrian fans out there we offer stone dust which is a superb base for horse arenas, in fact, we've supplied many breeders in the Woodsboro area with their stone dust needs.

Please contact us at 301.349.0550 for more details regarding the products offered by Comus, and to make arrangements to visit our Woodsboro, MD facility to view the products yourself.






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